Proactive Dashboard

Ranks the top fraudsters by assigning them risk scores based on their billing history, frauds committed in the past and compliance with good business practices guidelines. The dashboard empowers the end users to go after specific individuals by generating accurate actionable insights and also allows users to monitor fraudulent business activities.

Link Analysis

Identifies hidden patterns and suspicious connections among various actors in the data and present them in user friendly visualizations. The patterns and associations help in identifying wider networks of fraudsters thus uncovering bigger frauds.

Advance Reporting

Facilitates efficient information exchange between internal and external investigative and legal teams that helps in submission of factual evidences resulting in faster decision making on fraud cases.

Claim Analytics

Analyses humongous amount of internal and external data in relatively short time to identify the fraudulent claims using intelligent algorithms and integration with external systems thus performing human intelligence tasks and narrowing the scope of investigation for SIU team.


The Aquila platform that leverages Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to assess healthcare data for suspicious patterns and proactively detect workers compensation fraud. Saving Insurance Companies Millions of dollars and weeks or work.

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