An Intelligent Platform to Detect Fraud and Reduce Cost for Insurance SIUs

Aquila leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to assess medical data for fraudulent transactions and suspicious patterns that not only helps SIUs to dig out the frauds that were committed in past but also prevents the frauds using predictive analytics techniques.

With Aquila, you don’t have to manually assess humongous amount of data , toggle between multiple spreadsheets or pour laboriously over large swathes of information. Aquila is one stop shop to for Analytics, Visualization and Collaboration that generates actionable insights and closes cases faster.

Brand Aquila

‘Aquila’ in Latin means ‘Eagle’. The eagle is among the strongest in animal kingdom with an eyesight estimated to be 4-8 times stronger than that of the average human being. As a brand, Aquila promises to help identify workers compensation fraud, which most humans would struggle to find and identify.

Team Aquila

Srini Madala

Founder and CEO

Naeem Zafar

Member Board of Directors

The Aquila platform that leverages Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to assess healthcare data for suspicious patterns and proactively detect workers compensation fraud. Saving Insurance Companies Millions of dollars and weeks or work.

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