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It is time to make workers’ compensation insurance fraud detection timely, accurate and painless

Aquila – an Intelligent Worker’s Compensation Fraud Detection  Platform

The Aquila platform that leverages Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to assess healthcare data for suspicious patterns and proactively detect workers compensation fraud. Saving Insurance Companies Millions of dollars and weeks or work.

With Aquila, you don’t have to manually assess healthcare data for suspicious patterns, toggle between multiple spreadsheets or pour laboriously over large swathes of information. Analytics, visual representations, precise data and reports are built-in and at your fingertips.

Team Aquila

Meet the team behind the Aquila Platform

Brand Aquila

‘Aquila’ in Latin means ‘Eagle’. The eagle is among the strongest in the animal kingdom with an eyesight estimated to be 4-8 times stronger than that of the average human.

As a brand, Aquila promises to help identify workers compensation fraud, which most humans would struggle to find and identify.

Let's make worker's compensation fraud detection

Simple & Fast

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