Overview of Aquila

Aquila leverages Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to assess healthcare data for suspicious patterns and proactively detects workers compensation fraud, saving Insurance Companies Millions of dollars. It is specially designed to cater to the needs of an SIU saving them weeks of work. It not only identifies fraud but also accurately quantifies the impact, and provides actionable insights enabling you to close cases faster.


Artificial Intelligence for Actionable Insights

Machine Learning to Uncover Hidden Facts

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Collaboration for Speedy Case Closure

Innovative Platform for Profitable Outcome


Our Methodology

3 simple steps to detect workers’ compensation fraud, and save you millions of dollars

Aquila makes worker compensation fraud detection simple & fast

Why Aquila?

Aquila Benefits

Reduces Data Processing Time

Aquila’s built in data ingestion adaptors efficiently uses ELT methodology for faster loading of data from a variety of sources, and process the data using intelligent algorithms for quick results. You can generate instant custom reports for internal use and external collaboration.

Manage Provider Profiles

Why bury your head in data when an intelligent assistant can do it more quickly and accurately for you? Aquila automatically gathers and updates data on individual providers to generate 360 degree view of their profile, by performing extensive and accurate analysis of their business activities.

Proactively Investigate Fraud Cases

Aquila’s advanced technology platform performs human intelligence tasks to glean insights and make them ready for use by decision-makers. Now your team can be more efficient by spending valuable time on gathering evidence, making informed decisions and closing cases astonishingly quickly.

Lessens the Dependency on the IT Team by over 80%

Reduce the time spent on coordinating between IT and investigative teams, by making your fraud investigation team self-sufficient. With the help of our solution you can reduce the burden on your limited or over committed IT team.


The Aquila platform that leverages Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to assess healthcare data for suspicious patterns and proactively detect workers compensation fraud. Saving Insurance Companies Millions of dollars and weeks or work.

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